When will Rape-aXe be available? If we raise the necessary funding, we plan to launch RX in South Africa before the end of 2017. It all depends on your support.

Can you reuse Rape-aXe? No. RX is a single use device and should not be reused.

How many hours can Rape-aXe be inserted and worn? RX can be worn for up to 8 hours.

Will Rape-aXe come in boxes like tampons? Yes. Feedback from women indicated that they would prefer  3, 10 and 30 RX units per box.

How is Rape-aXe inserted and how is it removed? The RX  comes assembled in a single use applicator and it is inserted much like a tampon.  The removal of RX can simply be accomplished by using the removal device which is provided with each RX.

Can the rapist turn Rape-aXe in-side-out and reinsert it back into the women? No. The design of RX makes this impossible.

Can the hooks/barbs engage the woman after being inserted? No. The barbs are only on the interior of the device. There is a protective barrier preventing any contact between the barbs and the woman wearing the device.

Can the Rape Axe get “lost”  inside my body? No. In addition to the cervix being too small, the walls of the vagina will hold the RX in place until you decide it is time to remove it.

What happens when he gets soft/ flaccid? What happens to small penis? Won’t it fall off?  The Rape-aXe Device was designed to be able to adjust to a wide range of penis diameters, including penis on the “small” size or when the penis is flaccid. The outer sheath is very elastic and can stretch to accommodate large penis diameters as well. The hard, pointed barbs project deep into the inner cavity of the RX device, ensuring the barbs penetrate deep into the shaft of the penis, even if it is flaccid. The direction of the barbs are pointed inward, to allow the penis to enter without any obstruction, but dig in when the penis tries to with draw. The harder you attempt to pull the device off, the deeper the barbs will dig in and more painful it will become. (Think “Chinese Finger Trap”). Furthermore, the outer sheath acts like a compression stocking, driving in the barbs and keeping them in contact with the penis at all times whether it is erect or flaccid or “small”. So the simple answer is “No, it will not come off of a small or flaccid penis”.

Can’t the assailant remove RX himself by cutting it with scissors?  Embedded in the elastic protective sheath is a web of hard plastic material with the barbs. The elastic sheath keeps the RX device in tight contact against the skin of the penis. The sheath is very thick and durable and not easy to cut. The hard internal webbing is even more difficult to cut. It would be very difficult and risky for an untrained assailant to attempt to remove the RX device from himself with a pair of scissors or pocket knife, without the HIGH risk of cutting himself or causing permanent and serious injury.
In addition, the assailant will be in severe and debilitating pain, that will limit his ability to control delicate motor skills needed to conduct surgery on himself.
This is why we STRONGLY recommend this device is ONLY removed by a qualified clinician.
On the chance that the assailant would attempt to remove the device himself, it provides the woman ample time to escape or fight back, as she chooses.

How much will Rape-aXe cost? We are trying to keep the price affordable for all women. The price in some developed countries may be more than undeveloped countries. We are looking for support from governmental, NGO, charitable organizations, aid groups and donations to help subsidize the cost to women who cannot afford them. We urge you to donate generously at http://www.gofundme.com/rape-axe  or on this site to help women who cannot afford RX.

Is it possible to develop an allergic reaction from Rape-aXe? No. All materials are hypoallergenic and have undergone biocompatibility testing.

Is the Rape-aXe lawful in all countries? The laws of each country need to be examined on a case by case basis. However,  according to the legal guidance we have received there is no legal grounds for preventing the use of RX.

Will the rapist have the right to charge you for bodily harm?  Would the rapist have the right to charge you for bodily harm if you kicked him in the groin  or clawed him in the eyes? No.  RX is a self-defence mechanism. As the RX device does not cause any long term or lasting injury to the assailant, there is no legal basis to prevent it’s use or justification for claiming bodily harm.

Will the rapist be able to remove Rape-aXe by himself?  No. Due to the severe pain inflicted by the device, the assailant will have difficulty performing simple tasks like walking, let alone performing the delicate and skilled motions required for the removal of the device without incurring injury to himself.

Will the Rape-aXe be visible to the rapist? No. The entire device is contained within the vaginal canal of the woman and not visible externally.

How is DNA extracted from the Rape-aXe? At the hospital, where the RX is removed from the male, the device is swabbed for DNA following normal hospital procedure. DNA would be stored for evidence as needed.

Does the Rape-aXe need to be inserted by a qualified medical specialist? No. It is inserted by the woman wearing the device; allowing freedom, privacy and comfort.

How does one know when to insert Rape-aXe? How can I predict rape? All reasonable attempts should be made by the woman to avoid placing herself in a dangerous situation where rape could occur.  As there is no crystal ball to predict the occurrence of assault, women should take the reasonable precaution to insert Rape-aXe BEFORE she may be in a dangerous situation and remove it only after she feels she is in a safe and secure environment.

Can I insert the Rape-aXe whilst menstruating? Yes. The protective barrier on the device does not absorb liquids and will repel body fluids. RX cannot be used at the same time as a tampon is used. It should be used with an external sanitary pad.

Is the Rape-aXe comfortable? Yes. Comfort for the woman was a primary concern in the design of RX. The outside is smooth and cushioned. Once the Rape-axe is in place it is not uncomfortable for the wearer. It has been described as feeling “no different than when I use a tampon”.

Will I be attached to the rapist if I use Rape-aXe? No. When the rapist withdraws his penis, the RX will be firmly attached to him by the barbs and be withdrawn from the woman.

What will happen if I forget that the Rape-aXe is inserted? We recommend that you keep the applicator /removal device in a visible location, to serve as a reminder.

Is there a risk of toxic shock? Unlike tampons, RX is not made of absorbent material.  Absorbency is the  the main risk associated with TSS. The protective barrier will repel the woman’s body fluids, further reducing any chance of TSS.                                                    WARNING SIGNS OF TSS ARE, FOR EXAMPLE, SUDDEN FEVER (USUALLY 102° F OR MORE), VOMITING, DIARRHEA, FAINTING OR NEAR FAINTING WHEN STANDING UP, DIZZINESS, OR A RASH THAT LOOKS LIKE A SUNBURN. IF THESE SIGNS OR OTHER SIGNS OF TSS APPEAR, YOU SHOULD REMOVE THE RX AT ONCE, DISCONTINUE USE, AND SEE YOUR DOCTOR IMMEDIATELY.

Is it possible for a woman to frame a male perpetrator?  A woman does not need RX to frame anyone. Today, she can make a false claim of assault  WITHOUT using RX. RX does not change this situation one way or the other.

Will using Rape-aXe cause me to lose my virginity?  No. A woman is a virgin until she has sexual intercourse. If she uses a tampon, she is still a virgin, correct? RX is no different in this respect. She is still a virgin until she has sexual intercourse.

She will not be a virgin if she is raped.

Have you done research on rapists? Sonnet has personally visited many prisons in South Africa and interviewed convicted rapists regarding their motivations for rape and their reactions to RX.

Will the rapist become more violent once Rape-aXe attach to him? Responses from convicted rapists who have seen RX, explained, “Rape is difficult to prove, the police don’t treat this as a serious crime, and it is likely I will not be caught or convicted at all….and if I do the punishment for rape is “light”.  If I was ‘tagged’ ( by RX and therefore facing incarceration) I would not escalate the crime from rape to additional assault or murder charges.”

Based on results of interviews FBI conducted with rape victims, 9/10 victims felt they faired better by resisting/fighting back than by submitting.

What would happen if  woman is gang-raped? Rapist in prison responded that “After the leader (the first rapist) is caught by RX, they will be too scared to act or harm the woman, as the leader will be convicted of the crime and they will also be convicted with him if they also act.”

Where can the Rape-aXe be purchased? It will be available on-line,  via distributors and in pharmacies.

Are governments subsidising this product for users who cannot afford the product?  We are seeking support from charitable organisations, NGO’s and others who are interested in subsidising the purchase and distribution to women who cannot afford it. Please contact us for more information at  Rape-axe@hotmail.com