The Prototype

We have conducted multiple rounds of development with prototype tooling and we have created functioning samples for customer evaluation and testing. Now, improvements need to be implement before Rape-aXe can be made available to the general public.

Currently evaluation of new materials and manufacturing technology which will make Rape-aXe safer, more comfortable and more effective for women is underway. This requires investment in new tooling and testing, at a significant cost that we are unable to meet on our own.

Initially, we need your help to raise USD $310,000 for the new molds, testing of the equipment and manufacturing costs. Once the necessary funding is secured, Rape-aXe will then undergo a pilot production and manufacture parts for clinical evaluations.

Upon satisfactory completion of the user evaluations, there will be a second round of fundraising required to pay for the costs associated with product registration and to increase our production capacity to meet the growing demand for this product.

Take back the Power


When an attacker penetrates the vagina he enters the Rape-aXe device. Upon his first withdrawal, the barbs attach themselves onto the skin of the penis and the rapist pulls the RX device out of the vagina.

The rapist is almost fully incapacitated by the pain caused by the embedded barbs.  This has been described “as if the penis had been caught in a zipper” and the relaxing penis will drive the barbs deeper into the attacker’s flesh.

The victim can use the surprise effect and the time to escape/fight back. Thereby taking back the power which has been taken away.

The device cannot be removed by the attacker, but can only be removed by a clinician; this results in the positive identification of the attacker and can aid in his subsequent arrest and conviction. The removed device can be used to match the DNA of the attacker and victim in court.

Attempting to pull off the device will drive the hooks further into the attacker. If the rapist seeks medical help immediately, no harm is done to his penis.  However, the victim has an opportunity in the moment to defend herself and take back her power.

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Who needs Rape-aXe? YOU DO!!



Rape is a potential threat to every woman in the world, whether you live in an affluent suburb or a neighbourhood fraught with criminal activity. Sexual assault is perpetrated by strangers but it is usually acted out by individuals whom the victim knows well.

A wide range of sexually violent acts can take place in different circumstances and settings. Consequently, there are numerous situations in which you may consider using Rape-aXe to better protect yourself.

Some of these include:

  • Rape as a violent crime by a stranger
  • Date rape / drug rape
  • Unwanted sexual advances or sexual harassment, including demanding sex in return for favours;
  • Hazardous professions for employees or volunteers in prisons, mental institutions, drug treatment centers, schools, hospitals, homeless shelters, etc….
  • Rape by intimate partners in a marriage or dating relationship
  • Child molestation / involuntary incest
  • Rape of women in the military by comrades or enemy combatants
  • Systematic rape of civilians during armed conflict;
  • Rape of international aid workers, such as Peace Corp workers or those working in operations in hostile environments
  • Rape of urban homeless women/girls
  • Sexual abuse of mentally or physically disabled people;
  • Rape in regions of the world where women are not treated as equals and women’s rights are not respected
  • Rape in areas undergoing post-disaster aid / refugee camps

It’s important to note that in all of these categories, the reported incidences of rape are severely under-reported due to the nature and sensitivity of the crime, and the fact that authorities may not believe the victim or that she has “no proof.”

Rape -aXe can change this!

NO MORE  “he said” / “she said”!